The weather has certainly changed in the last few weeks.  Temperatures have gone from -20C (-45C wind-chill) to plus 10C! Manitoba tends to be a little extreme.

The snow has disappeared in Winnipeg and other surrounding areas in Manitoba.
Meanwhile, our sod fields are still nestled under a nice thick blanket of snow.  It’s amazing how one hour outside of the city makes such a big difference.

It’s very important to have good snow coverage on the sod fields to insulate and protect the roots of the grass plants over winter. 

Even though the sod fields are still snow covered, we are busy with getting the 2021 Sod & Landscaping season underway.
We anticipate the sod harvest beginning as usual around the last 2 weeks of May. 

What determines the start of sod harvest?

To begin with, the frost must be out of the ground in order to harvest sod.
The field conditions must allow for our equipment to access the fields without damaging the sod.  And we make sure there are signs of good healthy green growth in the grass before harvesting. The government road restrictions must also be lifted in order to haul sod to various areas. There’s so much more to the start of sod harvesting season than being the first one in the field.

Our clients have come to depend on us for supplying healthy, thriving sod and each year we work hard to be sure that is what we produce.

Call us if you’re a DIY homeowner, landscaper or groundskeeper looking for a quote on sod supply.  We also offer residential & commercial sod installation & landscaping services. 204-269-3052